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Matcha Molecules

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Matcha + Collagen

Matcha Molecules combines premium Japanese matcha tea and our signature multi-collagen peptides.


  • Matcha from Japan
  • Comprehensive Collagen Support: Matcha Molecules contain multi-collagen peptides with types I, II, III, V, and X. Collagen is known for supporting skin elasticity, joint flexibility, muscle recovery, and overall vitality.
  • Pure and Uncompromising: Just like our Collagen Molecules, the Matcha Molecules are 100% pure collagen, free from broth concentrates and additives, ensuring you get the highest quality collagen and matcha in every scoop.
  • Protein and Amino Acid Powerhouse: Our Multi-Collagen peptides are naturally rich in 18 essential amino acids, and Matcha adds an extra layer of amino acid complexity. Each serving delivers 4.8g of protein for a well-rounded nutritional boost.
  • Convenient Single Serve Packets: Each bag of Matcha Molecules contains 15 individual 6g single-serve packets, making it easy to enjoy the goodness of collagen and matcha wherever you go.

How to Use: Simply pour one of the single-serve Matcha Molecules packets into water and gently stir or whisk to create a harmonious fusion of matcha tea and multi-collagen peptides.

Why You'll Love This

Enjoy the benefits of matcha and collagen together. Support skin health, joint function, muscle tone, energy levels, nail and hair growth, skin tone, digestion, and more with this powerful fusion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ambriel Williams
I love it!

I stumbled upon this stand while visiting Tempe AZ back in April. This company is ran by a mother- daughter duo. They were very sweet! I purchased several things and have finally finished them all. I must say this Matcha blend is very delicious. It’s easy to make and I feel like I’m more alert and physical balanced when I drink it. I also purchased the spice of life and love that as well. Definitely happy to support!

Customer Michael C.
Pleasant taste

I really like the powdered form - I can heat up water in a Keurig and it mixes with ease! Although herbals can be an acquired taste, the flavor is good. I haven't been using it long so I can't speak to health benefits as yet but am impressed it includes collagen peptides. I'll be purchasing again.

Joints Feel Better and More Mental Focus

I've been drinking matcha molecules for about a week now. I've been training Muay Thai and BJJ since June, so my body takes a beating. The biggest improvements I've noticed so far are my joints feel much better and greater mental focus.

Kellee Klinock
Best Tasting Matcha!

I love supplements. I learn about them constantly and use a ton—and this matcha with collagen peptides is top notch. One of the most important things to me if I am going to use a supplement like this, after quality sourcing, if how well it dissolves and tastes. And I love this Matcha! It dissolves in seconds and has a light taste with no added fillers or sweeteners. I hate added sweeteners and it’s nearly impossible to find product without that. If I could give it 10 stars I would.