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Collagen Molecules

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Unlock the secret to radiant health and vitality with the Collagen Molecules, your premium source of 100% pure collagen with 18 essential amino acids. Crafted right here in the USA, our multi-collagen peptides contain a unique blend of collagen types I, II, III, V, and X. Meticulously designed to nurture your well-being without any broth fillers or additives.


  • Comprehensive Wellness:Our collagen molecules offer holistic support for various aspects of your health. Types I and III promote skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and fine lines for a youthful glow. Type II supports joint health, enhancing flexibility and reducing discomfort. Types V and X contribute to muscle recovery and overall vitality.
  • Pure and Uncompromised:We're committed to providing you with the purest collagen available. Collagen Molecules contain no fillers or additives, ensuring you receive nothing but the highest quality, 100% pure collagen in every packet.
  • Protein and Amino Acid Powerhouse:Multi Collagen is naturally rich in 18 essential amino acids, making it a nutritional powerhouse. Each serving packs a punch with 5.5g of protein, making it an excellent addition to your daily routine.
  • Five Food Source Collagens:We've harnessed the power of five food source collagens in one potent formula. Our collagen peptides are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, wild-caught Alaskan pollock fish, eggs, and chicken, providing you with a comprehensive collagen solution.
  • Made in the USA:Trust in the quality and purity of our product, knowing that it's produced in the USA under strict quality control standards.
  • Convenient Single Serve Packets:Each bag of Collagen Molecules contains 15 individual 6g single-serve packets, ensuring easy and precise daily use. An affordable and convenient way to boost your health and beauty routine.

How to Use:

Easily incorporate the Collagen Molecules into your daily routine. Whether you blend it into your morning smoothie, stir it into your coffee, or mix it into your favorite recipes, our collagen peptides seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle.

Why You'll Love It:

Experience the difference of the Collagen Molecules - the epitome of pure, potent, and versatile collagen supplementation. Elevate your health and beauty journey with a product that's as uncompromising as you are.

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